Double date dating site

Maybe you also found us because you were specifically looking for a dog dating site. Pet dating is something that most people don’t even know is out there...

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Now it’s one of the most popular location-based dating apps in the U. as well as New York City — seeing over 250,000 swipes and 40,000 messages a day and receiving more than 200,000 downloads from The App Store and Google Play.

Most importantly, Double is making dating safer, more enjoyable, and way less stressful.

With a supportive confidant by your side, you can focus more on having a great time and showcasing your real personality — and less on traversing potentially awkward situations by yourself.

In mid-2014, Ben Greenock, Loren Gould, and Gary Mac Donough were in Scotland hanging out with some friends when the topic of dating came up.

We are nothing more or less than a means to make a connection with another person by using the best possible indicator of compatibility: Your beloved pet.