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Nicole Eggert: I didn't even really realize that I had put on that much weight and that people were talking about it. I was on prescription hormone-replacement therapy, and taking human growth hormone as a prescription.

I would say right at about two or three years clean and sober is when, energetically, my life just started changing. I was hoping that they were going to do almost like what did — a cool, action-type remake of the series. Michael Berk: We sold the rights to that years ago.

She was first married to a man with whom she stayed with for just couple of years and got divorced.

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if you chicken out, it could not only cost you a fortune, it could even get you arrested. Traci didn't pay and blew off subsequent court appearances, so the judge issued a warrant for her arrest.

The former "Baywatch" star signed on back in 2012 for a very explicit photo shoot which required her (and now we'll quote from the contract) "to pose for what is commonly referred to in erotica as a 'facial.'" Traci took a $30K advance and then backed out of the shoot, so then resolved to cream her in court ... We reached out to Traci for comment – so far no word back.

Douglas Schwartz: You find David Hasselhoff's — Mitch Buchannon's — wet suit floating with rips and it was clear that he had blown up into bits and pieces, not just good enough to be dead but in bits and pieces.