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“I do feel that they can sense the truth in what we create.We’re very honest in our writing and that appeals to them.They somehow connect or relate to it,” Havok tells NME.

, back in January, and in a recent sit down with NME, frontman Davey Havok talks more about the way media has portrayed them as a band, the way they’ve maintained their close relationship with their fans, and even more, about the lack of misconceptions—but the massive amounts of mistruths—they have faced over the years.

“I don’t know if there is a singular misconception about us.

There are so many different rumors about us as people, as a band, and personally, that are polarized,” Havok told NME. Read more: AFI unveil silent movie-inspired video for “Hidden Knives”—watch Havok first talks more about the band’s new record, which he tells NME is one that truly represents who they are as a band in a way they haven’t necessarily had the chance to do before.

Citing such songs as “She Speaks The Language,” “Above The Bridge” and “Aurelia,” Havok says that the sounds and feelings expressed in those songs have been part of them for years, but they haven’t been expressed that way before, which is something they're happy to share. He talks more about their dedication and passion, which they are “very appreciative” of, and he believes it stems from the band's honesty.

AFI singer Davey Havok is certainly an accomplished and celebrated musician, and now the vocalist is about to delve into the world of books to make his debut as an author.