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Since Ehrman repeats many of the errors he put forward in his exchange with Tim Mc Grew last year, I'll point readers to my review of that discussion.Ehrman keeps asking for external evidence for the traditional gospel authorship attributions prior to Irenaeus, even though Ireneaus himself cited pre-Irenaean sources.(Marcionites accused “orthodoxy” of interpolating Paul’s letters; the letters themselves warn of forgeries, and many scholars believe the Pastoral letters are forgeries.) But the point here is that Ehrman does supply the reasons, the evidence, for dating Paul the way most do.

Here we have in a convenient nutshell the basic reasons behind the widely accepted dates for the Gospels.

Bart Ehrman explains he is not going into details here, and one can find in the literature more nuanced arguments for relative and other dates assigned to the gospels.

A little while back I mentioned the radio face-off between Bart Ehrman and Richard Bauckham on the reliability of the Synoptic Gospels.

They returned to Justin Brierley’s show again in mid-April to discuss “eyewitness testimony” in general, but especially in first century historical works.

The only problem is that there is no external attestation for Paul’s letters till the second century. It is unknown until Irenaeus cites it in the latter half of the second century. How certain can we be about a date that relies solely on the self-witness of the documents themselves?