Pidgin status not updating

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Format Specifiers are Script will append a seperate string containg songtitle and albumtitle if no format specifier is there in the status message at the time of running the script. w=249" src=" w=500" alt="pidgin-after-appending-formatspecifier kinda thing in status message" title="pidgin-before-running-script" class="size-full wp-image-64" srcset=", w=249" src=" w=500" alt="pidgin after running the script" title="pidgin-after-running-script" class="size-full wp-image-65" srcset=",

An example for appending status message using format specifier kinda thing: Like this append format specifier kinda thing as you need in status message before running the script. w=178" data-large-file=" w=89 89w" sizes="(max-width: 249px) 100vw, 249px" /format specifier kinda things are replaced by songtitle , album title and artist name " data-medium-file=" w=178" data-large-file=" w=89 89w" sizes="(max-width: 249px) 100vw, 249px" / PS : Run the script only after appending the format specifier kinda thing.

I'm using Adium, and I have Pidgin using coworkers with the same problem: We're using an Openfire XMPP server within the company, and it's not properly updating status (offline to online, away to online, etc.) This seems to be a libpurple bug, since it affects both pidgin and adium.

If I sign out and sign back in, it will properly display the statuses at the time of sign in. The libpurple-based client doesn't see status changes of others. Yes, this happens to all users using libpurple-based applications. Another interesting piece of information: It seems that libpurple users are displaying properly.

The set up is the same as in bug 186: Cent OS6 Linux OS, pidgin 2.10.2 clients with SIPE git head 7f921fb9.

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