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Here are five simple ways to overcome the common fear that cripples many men on the dating scene It takes practice, but achieving the confidence to approach a woman with a swagger and ask her out is something all men are capable of if they put their mind to it.The industry comes up with conflicting advice for those who are searching for guidelines on dating.Scanning the room for Ashton Kutcher or Howie Mandel!

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So if you’re suffering from approach anxiety, find it difficult to initiate conversation, and struggle to get women to come back home with you, then this might be the solution.

Read on as we expose The Tao of Badass bare and find out whether it’s the go-to product to learn how to pick up girls in this full frontal review.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that she said no, or having to watch him make that long walk back … I’m always trying to help out some of my guy friends when it comes to dating.

After all, as a woman you would think I’d know a little something about what to say or not say to women right?

So I decided to do some research on my own to see if I could help them out. Initially I just wanted to learn enough information to just give my guy friends some pointers.