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The tagline is: "Raw texts, real stories," and fine print says the chats are "inspired by actual events and people." CK's CMO, Melisa Goldie, tells WWD it's all about embracing how people communicate today and attracting the target market with "conversation through provocation." "We saw a behavior happening out there—and not just [with] the younger generation. It's authentic and true to how this consumer communicates," she says.

"We're highlighting the truth about dating—the meetup, the hookup and the freedom that you have through the digital dating landscape and how instantaneous it is." "Mother New York hung out with kids living in today's world and heard stories from best hookups to steamiest sexts.

“Modesty is no longer a virtue in contemporary society – in the news or real life,” the study concluded.

Other findings included that the sweeping majority, 91 percent of the women polled, believe dating rules have become more flexible.

I have to take my teeth out at night, and that wouldn't be much fun for anyone," she said.