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The 48-year-old actress looked happy and relaxed as she hit a supermarket with her male companion in the Italian city earlier this week.

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Nearly ten months later, though, Carter has broken her silence on the separation.“I could write a thesis on what’s happened,” the actress says in a new interview.

“[I]t is all-absorbing when a relationship breaks down, but I think we’re coming through it, and I think we’ll have something very precious still.

Our relationship was always somewhat special, and I think it’ll always remain special.”The actress further explains, “We did find each other.

And really, the mark of a successful relationship shouldn’t be whether you’re there forever after. Sometimes you have to come to terms with the fact that that was it. We gave each other children and a lot more else.”The actress also uses the interview with to clear up one long-standing rumor about the couple—that they never lived together.“We might be better, and still be able to give to each other, but not necessarily living together,” Carter says of the break-up before adding, “Which we did by the way, because everyone seemed to think we didn’t, but that was a load of myth.”In interviews over the years, Carter explained that the couple actually lived in adjoined houses.

Helena appeared in seven of Tim’s films, with the latest being together, however the large age gap was too much for Helena to handle and she broke it off, despite the fact that Steve was hoping for marriage.