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ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this My SQL server Start with editing mysql config file You may be surprised to see even after above change you are not getting remote access or getting access but not able to all databases.By default, mysql username and password you are using is allowed to access mysql-server locally. Run a command like below to access from all machines.

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Once you’ve created the user (by clicking Go), you can define that user’s permissions on a specific database (don’t grant global privileges in that case).

In general, users do not need any global privileges (other than USAGE), only permissions for their specific database. If you are creating a user specifically for a given table you will have to create the user first (with no global privileges) and then go back and edit that user to add the table and privileges for the individual table.

Use the textboxes and drop-downs to configure the user to your particular needs.

You can then select whether to create a database for that user and grant specific global privileges.

User management is the process of controlling which users are allowed to connect to the My SQL server and what permissions they have on each database.