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(If not, “making do” is great for young minds, too.)Here are 50 unplugged solutions for hours of fun, cooperation, and imagination.Let your kids take these starters and run with them!Passing along a great visual graphic or picture of yourself and specifically what you get pleasure from, will definitely make them stoked.

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Together we can role play any fantasy you have no matter how taboo or perverted it may seem.

Fantasy play where there are no limits is so enjoyable and satisfying to both our minds and bodies that it's just too hard to resist, don't you agree?

Be sure to download our “Today, Let’s Play…” version for kids.

Tape it inside a cupboard, and save it for an “I’m bored! Library: Kids can make library cards and a “scanner” (or whatever checkout method your local library uses), organize their books, or plan a read-aloud story time.2. Post office: Save envelopes from your junk mail, add some stickers for stamps.

Restaurant: Grab a memo pad, a towel for the waiter or waitress’ arm, an upturned cardboard box with some plastic lids attached for a stove, and kid-sized dishes … Knights and maidens: Boys can make swords out of, well, anything; girls would love a manila-folder-turned-cone-shaped-princess-hat with a filmy scarf flowing out of the top—maybe with their own sword, too. Or try a real one—how many trash cans can they swipe and empty without you seeing them? Or maybe your child is a missionary in a closed country, so they have to hold an underground church in the closet or basement.

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