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To change an account from OFX to Direct Access you would need to disable and re-enable downloading for your account…

Some of Bank of America's customers say the lender restricted their account access through programs like Quicken and Mint last month.

Speaking of clouds..mobile app is worthless and migration is impossible. Bluntly, the software does what it is designed to do. The bad new- not without the normal early bugs which I know will get ironed out.

The "To Do" button is gone so if you download everything daily you have to check the Summary to see which accounts had downloaded data. The displays are pleasant enough and the reports come out exactly as they used to. 5 minutes later I got a callback(I suppose from my caller ID) from a fourth world nation.

Also ensure you're using the correct connection (the easiest way is to actually type in your online banking URL [e.g., americanexpress.com] as opposed to 'American Express') for your card/account.