Help for dating a musician

Sound recording equipment and software can also add up pretty quickly.

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Musician Hi, I'm Alan and I'm looking for a kind caring genuine female, I take people as they are and know there is lot more to a person than a just a picture and description. Well first of all, if you DONT HAVE A PHOTO THEN DONT EXPECT A REPLY! Waking 50 miles over a bloody mountain to get to machu picchu.

Love to find someone to share the good and not so good times with, someone I can get to know and hopefully love in time. Your obviously hiding something, I've shown mine, so at least have the decency to show yours, I like to see who I'm talking too.

New bass strings, new tuners, new software, new mics, new gear, etc. If you want to be a professional, you need to have professional gear.

This has been something that is constantly looming over our heads.

After all if I had no photo then you would not be contacting me would ...