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Andrea Millwood Hargrave's 2000 study of the attitudes of the British public found that fuck was considered the third most severe profanity and its derivative motherfucker second. According to linguist Pamela Hobbs, "notwithstanding its increasing public use, enduring cultural models that inform our beliefs about the nature of sexuality and sexual acts preserve its status as a vile utterance that continues to inspire moral outrage." Hobbs considers users rather than usage of the word and sub-divides users into 'non-users', for whom the word "evokes the core sexual meanings and associated sexual imagery that motivate the taboo", and 'users' for whom "metaphorical uses of the word fuck no more evoke images of sexual intercourse than a ten-year-old’s ‘My mom’ll kill me if she finds out’ evokes images of murder," so that the "criteria of taboo are missing." Because of its increasing usage in the public forum, in 2005 the word was included for the first time as one of three vulgarities in The Canadian Press's Canadian Press Caps and Spelling guide.Journalists were advised to refrain from censoring the word but use it sparingly and only when its inclusion was essential to the story.

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"Dare I say," said Limbaugh, "it doesn't look like the first lady follows her own dietary advice." We can see where you're going with this one, Mr.

Update: Oh his radio show today, Limbaugh defended his comments against Michelle Obama, calling them "highly civil," and saying what he said wasn't "below the belt," considering where Michelle Obama "wears her belts, I mean, she wears them high up there, around the bustline, just about everything about her is below the belt." Um, what?

An American entertainer, radio talk show host and writer who is widely known as conservative talk show host for which he won a Marconi Radio Award.

He is son to Mildred Carolyn and a lawyer father Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Jr.

Though he has married four times he has no children yet.