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Wouldn't your nostrils get stuck, like a kid licking a light post in winter? [B]efore she was elected governor, the author states Sarah was seen snorting cocaine off an overturned 55-gallon oil drum while snowmobiling with pals.

The book names a longtime associate of the Palins as saying Todd, who was arrested for DUI in 1986, used cocaine and "was on the end of the straw plenty."Mc Ginniss' book also confirms an ENQUIRER exclusive—published in our Oct.

As one of the most prominent Republicans in the country, Powell has spoken out about the decline of the GOP.

In particular he has referenced the importance of the GOP recognizing that the demographics of America are changing, and that if the GOP continues to distance itself from African American and Hispanic voters, they will continue to be defeated.

After her aborted run for vice president with running mate John Mc Cain, whose advisers picked her because they wanted “a celebrity” on the ticket, Palin ended up on Fox News, where channel executives admitted selecting her because “she’s hot.” They weren’t talking about her political appeal.