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fall in love with other crazy (the good kind), complicated, multi-dimensional women.

We are blessed with a bird's eye view into the underworld of woman-ness. We know what it feels like to be a female in this cruel, cold world and to also have weathered the storm of dating a female. We might as well all come equipped with an honorary master's degree in WOMAN from Harvard University. Because nothing is less sexy to a girl than when you ask, “Can I kiss you?

UA athletes have won national titles in several sports, most notably men's basketball, baseball, and softball.

The official colors of the university and its athletic teams are UA red and Arizona blue.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of specific data, our list isn’t able to break out information for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered singles. All things being equal, living among many single men can’t hurt, right? Census Bureau figures show 82.57 single men for every 100 single women in New York City.