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They were kind enough to clear up three common misconceptions about dating a librarian, as well as give us the do’s and don’ts for hitting on one. Take it from Holly Hibner, the adult services coordinator at the Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, Michigan – most librarians are passionate about reading, but they also have other interests (and no it’s not to just sit around and read.) “There are librarians with specialties in art, history, music, technology, law… We became librarians to help others discover our (and their) passions, to do research and to teach people how to find and use information in a variety of formats,” said Hibner, who’s been in the field for 15 years. “You have to be willing to put up with smartypants-ness,” she said.Youth Services Librarian in South Lyon, Michigan, Mary Kelly, who also runs Awful Library with Hibner, added to that sentiment. I ride giant roller coasters, and I play keyboard in a parody rock band,” Hibner said.Start wireframing your app, sketching the various screens.

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However, I couldn’t help heading over to e Harmony to try to find the full results of the study.

That I couldn’t find, but I did find their listicle 15 Reasons to Date a Librarian. They have lists for reasons to date everyone from airline pilots to administrative assistants.

“If you are dating a librarian, you can count on being ‘fact-checked’ and researched,” she said. “If you think librarians just read and shush people, I’m your worst nightmare!

Librarians look up stuff for a living, so if you are in a relationship, you can absolutely count on being researched. ” Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Kelly said you shouldn’t judge a librarian by his or her career.

Once you've found these critical points, you may look on which language and db give you the best functions/libraries to crunch your data, or come back on Quora and ask about a specific problem.