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The Disney Channel TV show "Phil of the Future" had it all: fun gadgets, a talking caveman, cyborgs and Raviv Ullman.

The teenage dreamboat melted girls' hearts from 2004 to 2006 and had fans shipping Pheely before shipping was really even a thing.

I blame it on everyone going into a food coma, passed out in front of their TVs after eating that third piece of pie.

Other productions he worked on include Peter Pan at the Polka Dot Playhouse, The Music Man with the New England Repertory Company, and Just People at the Long Wharf Theatre.

He received a 1998–1999 Best Actor nomination from the Connecticut Critics' Awards for his character Stanley in Stamford Theater Work's A Rosen by Any Other Name.

And then there’s Alena Smith’s “The Bad Guys”: At a mere 90 minutes, it has enough ideas and potential story lines to fill five plays.

This Second Stage Uptown production is too scattered, but it’s also often insightful, and far from boring. She easily could have focused just on the relationship between the laid-back Noah (James Mc Menamin) and his banker stepbrother, Fink (Michael Braun) — the two, in their early 30s, became members of the same family after their mothers fell in love. Jesse starts off like your average gun-toting redneck — he calls Noah’s moms “members of the synchronized muff-diving team” — before confronting Fink, in surprisingly eloquent terms, about his dubious real estate tips. The show ticks off one dude box after another: The guys smoke a joint, drink, prepare a barbecue, talk about going to a sweat lodge, play with guns and break into fisticuffs.

The actor was credited as Ricky Ullman from 1997 until 2006.