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THE FIRST OF 7 MASTERPLAN BROCHURES FOLDS OUT INTO A POSTER THAT REVEALS EACH PHASE OF THE 6-STAGE DEVELOPMENT-THIS FIRST POSTER SHOWS PERCENT LAND USAGE PER DEVELOPMENT PHASE AS INDICATED USING PROPORTIONAL BLACK CIRCLES. With its seven years of experience in developing award winning Food and Beverages concepts the MBD Group while reinventing the food court experience has ushered in a completely new concept with Gigabite .

The cathedral of Monreale reflects at once the politics, religion, and artistic heights of Sicily under the Normans.

And in doing so, it also achieved a place in the art history of Europe, all the more remarkable because it remains today almost exactly as it was built in the 1100s.

So are the twin towns of Ragusa and Modica for representing Europe's zenith of Baroque art.

Both the stunning mosaics and the exquisite cloister at Monreale are considered highlights of European art, and the collections at Palermo's Archeological Museum rank it as one of Italy's best.

The concept of Gigabite will entail a food lounge and Gigabite Express.