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The elegant city of Adelaide was founded in 1836, as a planned city, designed by the first surveyor-general of South Australia, Colonel William Light.

His plan - now known as Light's Vision - arranged Adelaide in a grid, with five squares in the Adelaide city centre and a ring of parks, known as the Adelaide Parklands, surrounding it.

After you search billions of available records, information you find can be instantly included in your working family tree.

You can give other family members access to either your account or to an online webpage created specifically for collaborating with others who are just as enthusiastic as you about family history research.

South Tyneside Council says it has been in contact with the pub’s owner and asked them to remove the mess. Readers have been leaving their views and memories on the Gazette’s Facebook page and wesbite. It used to be such a brilliant pub - open all through the year. “My grandad was one of the builders of the pub/liftshaft in the 1930s.”Wendy Shepherd said: “I thought it was now some trendy beach bar. Shame because it’s a lovely place to sit in summer. Have wonderful memories of Marsden beach, The Grotto pub/restaurant and great nights out!