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Upon closing an account, all funds will be returned to the account holder via check mailed to the registered account address.

INTERBETS APPLICATION All wagering will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations promulgated by the New York State Gaming Commission, and in accordance with New York State and Federal Laws.

Certificate of Registration to Act as Athletes Agent NRS 398.448 Registration required to act as athletes agent; limited exception; contract of agency void if in violation of section.

Note: To access the Kansas Statutes Annotated which have been authenticated in accordance with the law, see the current printed bound volumes of the Kansas Statutes Annotated and the current printed volumes of the Cumulative Supplement to the Kansas Statues Annotated as published by the Office of Revisor of Statutes. Sundays, generally, this index SABOTAGEState buildings or equipment, state finance council, authorization of expenditures, 75-3713SAFE DEPOSIT BOXESGenerally, 9-1501 et seq. Structure to be moved from realty, 84-2-107Structures unfit for habitation, 17-4759Substitute goods, buyer's procurement, cover, 84-2-712Substituted performance, 84-2-614Delay in delivery, 84-2-615Successive performances, termination, 84-2-309Tax Sales, generally, this index Telemarketing, consumer protection, 50-670 et seq.

Residents of other states are subject to their respective state laws.