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Two friends go to a fancy-dress party as police officers, and are amazed by how people on the street react to their uniforms.

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An American truck driver working in Iraq is kidnapped by guerrillas, who seal him in a wooden box and bury it in the desert.

Discovering his cell phone has been left in the box with him, he uses this fragile link to the outside world to try to get help - but his supply of air is running low and even he does not know where he is.

Back on land, Dick visits a brewery, while James tries his hand at traditional Cornish biscuits.

They then reunite to use a hot stone cooker to sear beef for their guests (subtitles) (repeat)Premiere.

Children's adventure, starring Jon Provost, Roger Nakagawa, Teresa Wright and Cameron Mitchell, (subtitles) On the Sussex coast, Sarah meets Paul and Ryan, who dream of a modern, stylish home with spectacular views of the sea.