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In the SEBEC quest, if the protagonist performs good deeds throughout the quest, when he meets with his other self in the Alaya Cavern, the other self will reward him with the totems.In the Snow Queen route, the protagonist has to trade Ambrosia gained from defeating the Tower bosses with Raiho during the final dungeon.With the aid of a mysterious smartphone app and the inner-power of "Persona", you decide to use the Metaverse to strike back against the rotten society that has unfairly stigmatised you, forming a crew of Phantom Thieves dedicated to stealing Treasure and reforming the corrupt.

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Public confidence in the government and justice system is falling, and the powerful elites of the city plot to turn these incidents to their advantage.

Psychotic and mental breakdowns are becoming more common amongst the general public, leading to a string of high-profile accidents and crimes.

The ultimate Personas are fused by adding certain Totems to fusions that result in a Persona whose arcana is the same as the ultimate Persona's arcana, and can only be equipped by the character they belong to.

The totems are gained towards the end of the game, though the exact method depends on the route.

A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance. If someone is able to steal the "Treasure" that forms the heart of the Palace, then the Ruler's corruption will be vanquished in the real world.