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Alexandra told Harry about an incident she had to deal with in October when she took a call about a member of the public who wasn't breathing.'It wasn't the worst call I have had to deal with by any stretch of the imagination but I found it extremely difficult,' she said.'It was a hugely chaotic situation with five people all shouting at me down the phone to send help.

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He wrote: 'She was pouring out a tale of woe in a rapid stream of consciousness.' Pictured on her honeymoon in 1981As a journalist who chronicled the work of the Royal Family, I’d met the Prince and Princess on many occasions.

But our conversations had seldom ventured beyond comments about my loud ties.

He said: 'You land and then hand them over and then are radioed to do something else.

You never find out how that guy or girl recovered, whether they did recover or they didn't.'I understand what you go through and thank God you have got each other.

I'm still hostile towards Brad, and I wasn't even involved in the relationship. Especially if he dates women like Angelina and I still prefer Jennifer Aniston movies over Angelina's.