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Karpluk began her acting career in Vancouver and between 20, she appeared in more than a dozen television movies and series before landing the role of Kate in Godiva's.Her work during this period included "Voice of Sylan" in the final episode of Dark Angel and the TV movie Family Sins.“Erica is Jewish like I’m Jewish: It’s not in your face, but at the same time it’s not just by the way,” said Ramona Carmelly, a professional opera singer in Toronto.

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Tom to Erin, but she is close to her mother, a former high school principal, and father, a railway engineer. My dad is the best listener.’ Erin is single, but grateful to the men she’s dated for teaching her about herself and what’s important in a partner.

Après un accident de voiture, Charlie Harris, chef du département de chirurgie de l'Hôpital de Hope Zion à Toronto se retrouve dans le coma.

Over its four seasons, Erica gains insights about herself and family, builds a career and finds love. (She recalls the time CBC printed a large banner reading ‘Erica Karpluk’ in error.) Erin is more playful, with a quick-witted, occasionally sarcastic humour, unlike Erica.

Erica often holds on to the past or feels the need to control her surroundings, which I can identify with.

Il découvre qu'il peut se déplacer dans l'hôpital sous forme d'esprit.

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    I am athletic and motivated but I also am calm and sensitive.

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