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Chris Ubosi, CEO of Megalectrics, parent company of the Beat FM, says Beat FM London will be looking to provide a platform where African music is readily available to a growing market.“We want to put African music on the same pedestal with other genres,” he told Quartz.

Nokia’s launch of the chat app, which is popular in Asia, comes days after global analysts firm Informa released a report showing chat messages overtook texts for the first time.

According to Informa, 19 billion chat messages were sent every day via apps, compared to 17.6 billion texts.

Some Kenyan podcasts like the pioneer Kenyan Poet Show have already fizzled out or gone on a prolonged break while others are still going strong. uses a conversational tone to address serious political issues affecting Kenyans.

To get you up to speed, here is a selection of the latest crop of quality podcasts made in Kenya:1. Each week, listeners get to vote on which current topic they would like to see analysed on the show the following Thursday.

It’s like listening to a friend exposing their extremely well-informed opinion.