An introvert 39s guide to dating

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So, she’ll have the inevitable drama caused by work, friends, roommates, and families. So, many extroverted girls will take it very personally when you show little enthusiasm for going in public with her or her people. Explain that you’re neither shy nor socially retarded.

Your life, in contrast, is likely a bastion of calm and order. And even if you do have roommates, your life is peaceful compared to her chaotic existence. You’ve already successfully seduced her, she knows that you DO have strong social skills.

It always ends with him still engaged in conversation and my standing there tapping my foot because I was ready to leave half an hour ago. We either show up a little later or leave a little early. He says I have “a look” that lets him know I’m ready to go. If I’m involved in the socializing and need some alone time, I excuse myself and let him keep talking.

He has a look he gives back that says he acknowledges my request to leave. As with my shopping example, I’ll go browse the aisles while I’m waiting for him to finish. Being married is far different from dating in that when I need alone time, I can’t just say goodbye to Josh and go home. As someone who appreciates space, it was an adjustment always having someone around.

Set that precedent very early on, date one or two if possible.

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