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Maple, which is used for the back, ribs and neck of most stringed instruments, often features interesting flaming, and this too provides visible evidence about the structure of the wood.An old violin with a spruce top that has evenly-distributed fine to moderate grain and a back of beautifully flamed maple already provides initial clues that it may be a high-quality instrument.

But as always, there are exceptions to every rule, and that is as much the case in the world of violin-making as it is in other demanding forms of artisanry.

How can you tell if the label in your violin is original?

Over the course of time, most musicians develop a deep and intuitive kind of interaction with their instrument, yet as soon as a decision has to be made about buying the best violin or the about the violin value, there are endless questions.

For many years our violin experts have helped musicians around the world as they look for the valuation of their violin or a fine stringed instrument.

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