David duchovny and tea leoni dating how to remain celibate while dating

Actress Tea Leoni has reportedly found romance with Tim Daly, her co-star in hit new U. Daly, 58, was previously married to actress Amy Van Nostrand for 28 years until their divorce in 1982, while Leoni, 48, had a high-profile relationship with The X-Files alum David Duchovny, and officially filed for divorce from the actor in June (14).

Leoni and Daly play an onscreen couple in the new series, and they have taken the relationship offscreen, according to E! A source tells the website that the romance is "relatively new".

revival — Duchovny confirms that he’s seen the continuation’s first script and offers this tease.

(You might want to sit down.) “It has Mulder and Scully in it,” he says dryly. You’re gonna have to wait like everybody.” RELATED Fox Fall Schedule: When Will Revival Air?

This didn’t last though, as they once again split in June 2011, before their divorce was only finally completed several weeks ago.