No sign webcam

I ran sudo killall VDCAssistant, SMC and resets and still it shows my camera isn't connected.I have recently updated OS X to Yosemite and it was going fine for a month or two but now my Photo Booth ...On my mac, I can use software like Cam Twist and Sound Siphon to create 'fake' webcam and microphone inputs.

No sign webcam-22No sign webcam-42

Fire up Adobe Reader and open the PDF document you want to sign.

From the menu bar, choose View Sign, which opens the Sign panel on the right of the window. In the window that opens, select Use a webcam and click Start Webcam in the video preview area.

I have tried adding "-rot 180" into the txt file, and it did nothing.

I have a feeling this may only be relevant to the Pi Cameras. But the settings in the server page itself do work correctly, its just the streaming URL doesn't utilise them. Is there a way around it, so I can pass on a URL to a friend, and the camera is the correct way up for them?

The preview is correct, it is streaming in the correct orientation. action=stream it is back to original, and is not taking on these settings.