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Any effort to encounter God must be preceded by moral purgation and reading Scripture is no exception. Basil is constantly mindful of his unworthiness to uncover its treasures.

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The beginning of Genesis is especially fertile ground because its theological riches are so often neglected in favor of readings that are either hyper-literal or hubristically liberal. The latter tosses it aside as anti-scientific myth. But before we can even get to how to read and interpret the text, a certain preparation of mind and soul is necessary. “How earnestly the soul should prepare itself to receive such high lessons!

How pure it should be from carnal affections, how unclouded by worldly disquietudes, how active and ardent in its researches, how eager to find in its surroundings an idea of God which may be worthy of Him,” Basil exclaims.

From the Waterfront Activities Center locker room to the Suzzallo-Allen Library's fourth- and fifth-floor men's rooms, a mild amount of loitering can really pay off. Seattle Central Community College: So you didn't get accepted to gay, gay UW, but there's still boys to be had.

Legend has it that the Culinary Department's men's potty resembles the last days of the Roman Empire.

Seattle University: The library's third and fourth floors are cruisier than Holland America. SLUTTY LOCALES Basic Plumbing (1505 10th Ave, 323-2799): Not everyone ends up at this 18 sex club--not straight people, for example, and not gay people who worry overmuch about cooties.