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Perhaps there are other explanations to what I found.Maybe the Imatest charts I use are just more accurate at 24mm or something.) So I started testing the most recent releases and then worked backwards. My method assumes that the lenses are designed and developed in the order they are released.


Sometimes there’s just grunt work to be done, usually of my own making. To bring you up to date if you’ve landed here first, this is how I got here. That made the next step very obvious and not particularly fun.

Autofocus Reality Part 1 showed that on center-point, single-shot autofocus, standard phase detection was less accurate than manual focus and Live View contrast-detection AF. Autofocus Reality Part 2 showed that two of Canon’s newer lenses, the 24mm f/2.8 IS USM and 28mm f/2.8 IS USM, seemed to have much more accurate phase-detection AF when shot on 5D Mark III bodies but not on 5D Mark II bodies. We need to find out what other Canon lenses have the more accurate AF.

The “Fundies” whom you falsely state, “hate science,” are actually the FATHERS of science; Galileo, Newton, Pascal, Einstein (yes he believed in God) along with later “fundies” like Gregor Mendel who discovered Genetics later named, DNA.

Mendel, a Czech monk was one of those ‘fundies’ who “hate science.(?

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