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Living in the majority of civilization where Google Fiber isn’t available, we unfortunate souls have to pretend it doesn’t exist.

It’s extremely disheartening sitting down to eat dinner after a long day of work, only to load up Netflix and have a 22-minute episode of take five minutes to load, rebuffer for a minute when you switch the audio stream to stereo, and finally play 10 minutes of low quality video before it normalizes.

For years, the West has boycotted the Burmese junta and imposed economic sanctions in a bid to pressure the Southeast Asian nation to return to a system of democratic governance.

Until recently, the junta did not budge, but resorted to work privately with just a few Asian nations which were more sympathetic to Burma's situation than the West.

As Google explains, Fiber sits atop not only the speed ladder, but the stability and quality ladder, because it doesn’t charge for peering.