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We are getting worried that we will be left on the shelf if we won't give in to them. He is not ashamed to admit that he is looking for a good time and his approach involves 'liking' anything female within a six-mile radius.

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From the sexual revolution to the digital revolution, dating in Ireland has evolved - for better or for worse…

Dublin-born opera singer Dr Veronica Dunne, who is in her 80s, harks back to an age of innocence.

This year viewers can look forward to more fun and frolics from the First Dates restaurant including cousins double dating, more bathroom chats and it wouldn't be Ireland if we didn't have a couple of daters that didn't recognise each other from previous encounters. Will country music fan Rachel leave carpenter Conor with an achy-breaky heart?

And Latin lothario Antonio unleashes his best moves on medical scientist Sinead.

Since Myers' move to the rival Irish Independent, "An Irishman's Diary" has usually been the work of Frank Mc Nally.