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Il a contribué à la mise en place de 30 actions pour la sécurité à Trinité.Regardez les histoires de Clarissa, victime de maltraitance, et de Dominique, victime de violence.

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It is divided into two different parts: the south side of the island with its numerous sandy beaches and the less frequented north side with rainforests and black beaches.

Historically, the island was inhabited by Arawak and Carib peoples very early on but it didn’t come to Western attention until Christopher Columbus sighted it for the first time in 1493.

One of the most popular occasions is of course the annual carnival, held usually in the first week of February.

For several weeks leading up to the event, islanders have been busily assembling elaborate and exuberant costumes, floats and decorations with which to adorn the city of Fort de France as this incredible party approaches.

The most striking feature of the island must be the dormant volcano Mont Pelée, which erupted to devastating effect in 1902 and is known to have had a considerable impact in Amerindian times as well. Lucia lies to the south, making Martinique an attractive target of study to compare with our St. The survey contributed to the general research programme into the late prehistoric era in southern Martinique.