Survivalist dating sight

With the Greater South Carolina Survival & Green Living Expo — put on by RK Prepper Shows, which brings similar events to various spots across the country — coming to the State Fairgrounds this weekend, local preppers, individuals preparing for catastrophic natural disaster or the collapse of society, have the opportunity to get more ready than ever for the end.

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Investing in prepping has spread even to the super-rich, according to a recent article in The New Yorker.

It described tech executives and hedge fund managers buying underground bunkers with air filtration systems and armed guards, hoarding gold coins or keeping bags packed and helicopters ready to fly to remote islands.

Whether it be for convention-buddies or for serious relationships, this website is geared towards the Trekkies and Trekventionists (a word my friends made up for people who frequent Trek-ventions).

For those who are seeking Christians to date, this website is for you.

December 21st, 2012 is quickly approaching, which explains the huge boom in niche survivalist websites.