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Presbyterianism has its roots in England and Scotland and has been active in North America since the 17th century. And more people now say there is “too little” religious discussion by their political leaders (40%) than say there is “too much” (27%).

Even though he no longer regularly attends a Presbyterian church, Trump was raised a Presbyterian and still considers himself one, saying “my religion is a wonderful religion.” (As a young man in New York, he began attending Marble Collegiate Church, a Dutch Reformed congregation, and in recent years, he has been associated with Paula White, an evangelical megachurch pastor who will pray at his inauguration.) The first Presbyterian to occupy the White House was Andrew Jackson and the last, before Trump, was Ronald Reagan. Historically, about a quarter of the presidents – including some of the nation’s most famous leaders, such as George Washington, James Madison and Franklin Roosevelt – were members of the Episcopal Church, the American successor to the Church of England.

Landing early spots on Billboard's AC Monitored, AC Indicator and National Christian Audience Charts, Citizen Way's just released single "Bulletproof" is skyrocketing at radio.

The single had 56 out of the box adds combined this week when it impacted radio, including Air1, Joy FM/Tampa, Joy FM/Atlanta, KTIS/Minneapolis, Joy FM St.

In fact the Bible states that 365 times, one for every day of the year.