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And I perform typos with a physical dexterity that no one can respect. Most people called him JBB, but I called him JB for short. But I didn’t make note of where I was fishing at the time. He didn’t catch a single fish that day and probably was put off that I skunked him with three others about the same size, and a nice brown.

But it’s my word arrangement and memory loss that bother me the most. Finally I capitulated with JB because I really wanted to know.

Sometimes, the man would be gone before Linda awoke the next morning.

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PB-288 DAUGHTER AND THE DOGS by Ted Leonard CHAPTER ONE Pretty little Linda Preston hotly jerked her dog's erect prick on her bed as she listened to her mother getting fucked in the next room.

A bathroom separated the bedrooms, but Linda could hear everything going on in her mother's room.

She usually jerked off her dog, Rex, as she listened to the raunchy, lewd and exciting noises coming from the next room.

Just six months earlier Linda had discovered the joys of sex with the family mutt.

Tip one-A: if you’re going to lie about said fake offer, impersonate someone and forge a little evidence: easy on the typos.