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The Italian architect Bernardo Buontalenti is credited with inventing modern gelato during the Renaissance by adding cream and eggs to traditional water-ices.Gelato has been a big deal here since, and especially this summer, when temperatures have reached the high 90s.

D., when Roman Emperors enjoyed fresh mountain snow flavored with sugar and wine.

We believe everyone deserves the Royal Gelato Experience: the best ingredients, combined to perfection, served soon after being made.

Before heading to class, we visited the gelato museum where we saw the whole history and culture of gelato – dating back to even the 4 century AD!! precisely the one students take right before graduation (after intensive weeks of gelato studying, and eating! Since I have two left hands when it comes to “cooking”, I happily sat at the back of the classroom to listen to the professor – halfway understanding the course which was in Italian (though they also offer it in English). Well, yes, though you won’t find these flavors in any gelateria since they are specially prepared at high-end restaurants to complement their main courses. And just like the Lambrusco, it was strangely delicious but much creamier!

While I learned (somewhat) how the gelato preparation process goes, I didn’t actually make one myself. This last session was: Gelato salato e alcolico – Salty and alcoholic gelato. The students randomly picked flavors for their gelatos, which included: parmigiano, gorgonzola, Prosecco, Lambrusco, beer, salmon, alici (a type of fish), spritz, and a few other unusual ones. Who would think of creating cheese gelato, wine ice gelato, and even fish gelato?! It had the taste of beer but with a soft sweet hint that felt very gelato-like. Then the salmon came, and that one I have to say I didn’t like.

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