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Wild also pointed out that Murdoch cunningly executed his escape, driving 1800 kilometres in about 18 hours across the mostly unsealed Tanami Track to avoid police roadblocks.

Wild suggested that Murdoch - high on amphetamines that he sipped from cups of hot tea and sugar - became paranoid about a couple in an orange Kombi van that he had seen two or three times during his marathon drive.

As well, his DNA was found in a smudge of blood on the back of one of her T-shirts. Murdoch was a cunning, alert, meticulous person, Wild said.

On the evidence presented at Murdoch's Supreme Court trial in Darwin, the murder was out of character for a man who meticulously planned trips to avoid risks when he was carrying large amounts of money and marijuana hidden in a spare fuel tank of his four-wheel-drive utility. The killing was premeditated, he said, because Murdoch had taken the time to make handcuffs from cable ties that he used to restrain Lees.

We think paranoid worries are very common but that they are rarely discussed.