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There are countless other signals, but for now, here are some to watch out for when you are dating.

Eyes flicking between eyes and mouth Pretty obvious to spot if you are looking for it, and very easy to forget about if you are trying to hide it.

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If you’re waiting to take action because you’re afraid of rejection, there’s no point.

You are delaying the inevitable (good or bad) and setting yourself up for more hurt.

“I promise you,” says Eastman, who has a blue-eyed baby face but speaks with the quick cadence of an Aaron Sorkin character, “in about a year and a half, my name will be synonymous with body language.” , told the story of the years he spent with professional pickup artists learning how to seduce women.

Much of Strauss’ strategy entailed nonverbally conveying self-confidence.

It’s as if their souls were meeting before their actual bodies were. When the eye contact is reciprocated for an equal time of two seconds, that’s the first sign of instant attraction.