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I never showed or mentioned anything sexual to her. Well having such conversation can place you at risk for being charged with Impairing the Morals of a Minor or enticing a minor, these are criminal charges.After that her aunt came and started shouting at me and calling me a sicko. Either of these charges can be serious and mean jail time.The reason they do so: an odd loophole created by Congress in the 1930s.

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If law enforcement or the prosecution team feel that they are not able to prove guilt, they may decide not to press charges.

They may have encountered challenges proving the case due to a lack of evidence, an inability to identify the perpetrator, or other factors.

Ultimately, the decision to press criminal charges is up to the state.

It’s possible, though uncommon, that a prosecutor may move forward with charges based solely on the available evidence, even if the survivor chooses not to be involved.

List: 22 guilty pleas so far in Kenner Internet sex stings Some consider the initiative to be an attack on victimless crimes, because none of the defendants chatted with an actual minor, much less had sex with one.