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Bringing this new girl around the other guys and their wives would seem to indicate that Amare’s comfortable in the new relationship and that maybe he’s calming down off the court, minus that damn fire extinguisher incident.

There have been rumors floating since January, 2011 that these two were together.

Aug 11, 2017Enty Aug 11, 2017Enty The manager of this permanent A list singer tries to make it look like she cares.

The only thing she cares about is getting her 10% as many nights a week as possible. Read More August 2, 2017 This former A list singer/songwriter who is not shy about discussing his sex life is going through a string of women who all appear on television in support of conservative causes or…

From steamy bikini-clad poses to bent over bum shots to public sexy-time propositions to her husband, Ashton Kutcher, if Moore were our mom, we'd say cut it out!