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I recently started learning on https:// and when I started the tutorial used 4.2.2 but it was recently updated to 5.0.0.

When I follow the tutorial and try to create a new app:$ rails to_specs': Could not find 'railties' (= 5.0.0.rc2) - did find: [railties-4.2.6,railties-4.2.4,railties-4.2.2,railties-4.2.0.beta2] (Gem:: Missing Spec Version Error)Checked in 'GEM_PATH=/usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.1:/usr/local/rvm/gems/[email protected]', execute This will install the most recent version of Rails: $ gem install rails I had the same problem as you before doing that, and after doing that just now, the command $ rails _5.0.0_ new toy_app worked just fine.

Gem requirements as defined in the Gemfile will still be the first determining factor for what versions are available.

If the gem requirement for # Command Line Result ------------------------------------------------------------ 1 bundle update --patch 'foo 1.4.5', 'bar 2.1.1' 2 bundle update --patch foo 'foo 1.4.5', 'bar 2.1.1' 3 bundle update --minor 'foo 1.5.1', 'bar 3.0.0' 4 bundle update --minor --strict 'foo 1.5.0', 'bar 2.1.1' 5 bundle update --patch --strict 'foo 1.4.4', 'bar 2.0.4' In case 1, bar is upgraded to 2.1.1, a minor version increase, because the dependency from foo 1.4.5 required it.

Before releasing a new version, and more), applying changes required by that version.