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We also have an older brother who’s straight, so my mom got grandchildren out of it, thank God.

[] We also had a gay uncle, my mom’s brother, who we lost a couple years ago.

This two-hour condensation of Jesus’ life starts with the paranoid King Herod (Kelsey Grammer), who orders all male children killed because he has heard one of them may someday seek to challenge him.

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It’s something that Those People manages, but not in a showy, arrogant way – just by showing there’s more to its subject and different ways to look at things than you might initially expect.

Charlie (Jonathan Gordon) is young man from a well-off New York family who’s in college studying to be an artist.

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However, then it opens up and you begin to see that while some of the characters are indeed over-privileged, self-centred, white, entitled Manhattanites, there’s far more to it than that.