Iraqi dating

The north is pleasant during summer months and freezing in the winter months.On average, Iraq is a dry country, even in the fertile lands between the rivers.

Iraqi dating

Iraq has a wealth of resources but unfortunately most of the country’s population lives in dirt poor conditions. Their eyes come in many colors however brown is dominant.

Women are still repressed and are considered second class citizens, but this has improved considerably over the last few years. Regardless of these pit falls, Iraqi women are gorgeous. Almost all of these women have flawless skin and start out being petite.

Karar Nushi’s mutilated body was found on the streets of Baghdad on Monday with chain marks on his hands and neck and a bullet hole in his head — and friends believe he was murdered by Islamist extremists over his snug duds, long blond hair and good looks, Iraqi News reported.

Nushi’s pals say the Institute of Fine Arts student had received anonymous death threats on social media because of his flowing, Fabio-style locks and fashion choices — and because he reportedly was preparing to participate in a male beauty pageant, the news site reports.

In fact, more than 80 percent of the world's date supply is grown in Iraq.

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