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I do not care about actor's/actress's personal issues because what we hear about maybe completely different with what really happened. He is one of the actor I really enjoy watching his dramas and movies. What ever happens, still loyal to you, Your fans are on your side! Sending this all the way from another world , CHEER UP LEE JIN WOOK! Love all his works and looking forward to more & more, support him as always, unconditionally! Extremely upset with the case happened to him, he has been proven innocent . Please show your sympathy and let's welcome him back with open arms . Wish you well always, Take care, God bless you always. I hope South Korean fans , producers, investors, etc will believe in LJW and his true talent to give him a second chance to shine .

Praise The Lord ! You will be stronger and stronger !We will be always praying for your happiness, Fighting! " You Yourself, As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love And Affection." " Forgiving Is The Attribute Of The Strong." " Each Today, Well-Lived, Makes Yesterday a Dream Of Happiness, We support you and always Believe in you Lee JIn Wook.. Excited to watch your new drama again soon with Ha Ji Won...

Top Korean drama series Lovers in Paris, Full House, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Stairway to Heaven and Coffee Prince were imported and dubbed in Filipino language, instantly becoming hits.

The success of Jewel in the Palace in Korea was also replicated in the Philippines and many other Asian countries.

You are such a Miracle of Nature ! Jinwook oppa may you always be happy and healthy . I wanna say this to Lee Jin Wook , wishing you will endure all the troubles and do not ever losing hope ! Forgiving yourself and everyone who has ever hurt you, You yourself deserve your love and affection, do not ever hurt yourself ...