Who is allison adler dating now

"I go online, and it's on CNN...it's weird."Maybe to Sara, but by the sound of their applause, the audience wholeheartedly approved of the hookup with the singer-songwriter turned producer, even if prematurely announced.

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The former child actress first came out as lesbian back in 2010, when she revealed and she had been in a longterm relationship with TV producer Alison Adler since 2001.

The longtime loves, who split in August 2011, share two kids — son Levi, 9, and daughter Sawyer, 6.

Co-host Julie Chen prompted Gilbert's teary admission on Friday when she asked, "Is marriage all it's cracked out to be?

" After the rest of the roundtable weighed in, Gilbert said, “I feel like I don’t know if marriage is all it’s cracked up to be.

Sara Gilbert and songwriter Linda Perry got married Sunday, March 30, Gilbert's rep confirms to Us Weekly.