Sex chat text with girls

It often happens in a new relationship when both the partners run out of things to discuss on phone.

Texting makes your job a lot easier and exciting while helping you and your partner to get rid of your inhibitions.

Make sure to stay away from generic sh*t like “good morning.”Do you know how many dudes have probably texted her “good morning”? You're going to want to separate yourself from the pack, so to speak – and how are we going to do that? Personally, I've always been a fan of “good morning sunshine,” as it paints some pretty mental imagery. Remember, if you don't say anything, how will she know?

It's warm, not overly provocative, and it's also directly quoted from a Quasimoto song… If you genuinely had a good time with a girl – whether it was on a date or after just meeting her for the first time somewhere – it's super crucial to be vocal about it. Having said that, we all don't have to be wordsmiths like Hank Moody in order to express ourselves. If you had fun with her, just say, “Hey, I really had fun with you last night.”It shouldn't really matter how specifically you choose to articulate it – as long as you're clear-cut about your feelings.

Whether we fail to accept it or not, the things we say through text messages – in many cases – are equally as important as those said face-to-face.