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Whether you're looking to hike a long trail or step out of the car and onto the doorstep of a geological masterpiece, you're sure to find a waterfall worth photographing along your journey. Tinker Falls will be shortly after that on the left. The park is open year-round and can be accessed from Route 38A in Moravia.

There is a small gravel parking on the right side of the road. Ithaca Falls - Ithaca, NYTo see this impressive and powerful cascade take Route 34 South (Lake Street) in Ithaca.

Dating back to before 5000 BC, Honey and water were fermented into Mead – now commonly called “Honey Wine”, although some sources indicate Mead is the Oldest Fermented Beverage.

A uniquely different taste than grape wine, it can be dry, semi-sweet or sweet and is found to be refreshing and with the light aroma of honey.

Lucifer Falls - Ithaca, NYLucifer Falls are located in the Robert H. If you enter from the lower entrance you can hike the gorge trail to reach the falls.