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How do we encourage students to take responsibility and be accountable for their words and actions? - A three-year-old boy is breathing on his own but remains in potentially life threatening condition after a near-drowning in a small community outside of Calgary.Someone working at the store made the emergency call to 911.

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Coming clean and recovering from the chains of addiction is an ongoing process, and although families support the addict, they cannot relate to the bondage the user experiences.

That is why this group is so important.” Once recovery takes place and the individual experiences “clean time, he must give back what was given to him, namely support and a light at the end of a dark tunnel,” added the Leader.

On Thursday evening, an EMS crew was called to a home in Delacour, Alta.

RCMP say an adult found the child in an above-ground pool, pulled the unresponsive boy from the water and ran to the Delacour General Store for help.

Similar to other kinds of addiction, interferes with one’s lifestyle.